Growing Up Rhetorical Analysis

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Have you ever wanted something really bad? Did you work hard to get the things you’ve yearned for? Although people have different reasons that motivate them, they usually have similar characteristics. The main reason why people are driven to undertake a mission is by determination and desire.
First, Annie Johnson wanted to get money to support her children. For example, paragraph 3 says, “She told herself she wasn’t a fancy cook, but that she could “mix groceries well enough to scare hungry away and from a starving man.”(Angelou, paragraph 3) This evidence shows that Annie planned a business, so she can get money and not have anyone to care for her children. Another example is that paragraph 7 states, “Although business was slow, those first days Annie was determined. She balanced her appearances
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One example could be that paragraph 1 claims, “I felt desperate to get through, because the sun is setting, and if we got stuck here, what are we going to do? Where would we stay?”(Ahmedi, paragraph 1) This explains that if Ahmedi and her mother got stuck in the desert, they would have nothing to do and nowhere to stay. A piece of evidence that supports the main idea can be that paragraph 12 conveys, “How did I climb down the other side? These days I find it hard to clamber up two or three flights of stairs, even. I don’t know what made me so supple and strong that day, but I feel no hardship, no anxiety of fear, just concentration and intensity.”(Ahmedi, paragraph 12) This evidence can interpret that Ahmedi didn’t know what made her climb the mountains, but it could possibly be her desperation, which kept her continuing to climb the mountains. To conclude, Ahmedi, her mother, and Ghulam Ali’s family reached freedom in Pakistan. Ahmedi discovered that even during a crisis, there were kind people like Ghulam Ali, who not only helped save Ahmedi’s life, but gave her hope in