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ATG 203 – Research and Analysis in Accounting
Avoiding plagiarism assignment #1 due September 23

1. Search the Bradley website to complete the following:
a) Find the University level definition and policies regarding Plagiarism. Provide a brief summary.

According to University Senate rules, all cases of cheating should be reported to the Executive Director of the Center for Residential Living and Leadership. Cheating is a couple different things including: giving or attempting to give, obtaining or attempting to obtain, information relative to an examination or other work that the student is expected to do alone and not in collaboration with others, or the use of material or information restricted by the instructor. Plagiarism is the equivalent to cheating. If a professor catches a student cheating/plagiarizing, it will result in an automatic zero for the assignment, quiz, or exam. If the student continues to cheat, it may result in the student being kicked out of the University. If the student is caught cheating or plagiarizing and the student objects the claim, they may appeal the instructor’s conclusion with the Dean of the college in which the course is offered, within 20 days of the time that the student receives written notification of the instructor’s violation.

b) What guidelines does Bradley provide for avoiding plagiarism? Provide a link to the website.
Bradley’s guidelines to avoid plagiarism are as follows. To avoid plagiarism, you must give credit with a footnote whenever you use: another person's idea, opinion, or theory any facts, statistics, graphs, drawings--any pieces of information--that are not common knowledge quotations of another person's actual spoken or written words paraphrase of another person's spoken or written words.

2. a) Have you had courses at Bradley or other schools that emphasized avoiding plagiarism? If yes, describe how this was built into the course.

Yes I have. In high school I took many English courses, which covered plagiarism. In each class we had a long discussion of how to avoid plagiarism and how to cite and reference paper’s properly. My school would use to make sure the papers we wrote weren’t plagiarized from other online sources. This tool really helped lower the amount of cheating that was going on within the school.

c) Do instructors at Bradley appear to evaluate written assignments for plagiarism? If yes, how do they accomplish this?

For the most part, unless the instructor makes us use I feel like Bradley professors don’t really appear to evaluate written assignments for plagiarism. Unless there is an obvious case in which the paper looks like a scholar wrote it or another student wrote it, Bradley instructors seem to trust their students. I have never come across anyone who was caught plagiarizing on a paper. Instructors don’t have time to research every single paper to see if the student is using other people’s work.

3. a) The