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Mardonio Diaz
Argumentative Essay

By now in this age of technology you have probably heard of all sorts of neat gadgets and tools.Theres one in particular I wanted to discuss and that machine has gained popularity in quite a short span of time since it was created.That machine is the 3D­printer.Right now your are probably like “yea, I heard of those”,but do you know about the hidden danger it creates? As harmless as this machine might sound it is not all that innocuous,It is surprisingly capable to manufacture a gun.Which did not take long for someone to find out and leaked it out to the public no less.And thus 3D guns are becoming an increasingly pressing issue which the government has little control over.
How did this surprising come to be known? Well the one to stumble upon this discovery was Cody Wilson,the co­founder of defense distributed. An enthusiastic activist of the 5th amendment ,the right to own a gun,has started a gun campaign. Defense distributed,the name of the company he helped co found, whose only goal is to promote and create awareness to people’s right to own a gun. He made this discovery known after creating a 3d design for a gun he dubbed the liberator,with the capability to fire a single round.The plans for this gun were released on the internet by same said creator on his company website where other gun designs and parts are available for download.What is so terrible about these guns? For starters just like any gun,they still carry the potential to kill. They are made from plastic,which means they are now undetectable to metal detectors.As well as their plans of creation being free for the public to download and use as they see fit.Meaning those unable to buy or own a gun can now produce their own without going through a regristration proccess or background check.
How does this affect you? Well this the most alarming of all,two years back there was the
Sandy Hook shooting,now imagine how easier it is for someone like that insane man to get his hands on a gun of this type.You may be thinking well what if the criminals do not own a 3d printer.Heres where things really get scary,3d printers are now becoming more affordable for anyone to buy and own.Even a small printer is able to print out a gun piece by piece. Time consuming sure,but if someone is determined to kill,it is best to assume, they are willing wait out the necessary time.Now you may wonder,where is the government involvement in this issue?
Since the spread of the news the philadelphia city council has created a fine of 2,000 dollar max on unlicensed manufactured guns.And those who want to be able to manufacture such guns are to obtain a firearms manufacturing licensed. Alas this is not enough what actually stops anyone from printing in secret? The answer is nothing really.Especially when the laws of states differ and blur with loopholes.
3D printed guns are changing and evolving every day,not long for them to be able to shot more than a single shot.And there included nonmetal material makes them a greater danger in high security areas.For now all the government can do to enforce such countermeasures, is give out fines,which at the end of day can not make up for possible distribution or use of such

guns.Thus 3D printed guns are becoming a pressing concern,which the government has