Gun Control

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Gun Control

Gun control is a pretty controversial issue.

There are groups on both sides arguing why we

should or should not have rules when it comes

to gun regulation. When asked about it, most

people who own a gun have it to protect

themselves (67%), the next most popular reason

is for target shooting (66%), and the last is for

hunting (41%).

Gun control is a controversial issue

because there have been Increased amounts of

violence and murder and many people have been

arguing about whether or not there should be

increased control on gun ownership. On one

hand, its understandable why some people would

want there to be more rules and laws to restrict

the use of guns, seeing how there have been a lot

of armed murders, robberies and increased

violence but on the other hand, increasing gun

control wouldn’t only put limitations on

criminals and murderers but also innocent

people who are just trying to protect

themselves. Even if there were more laws to

restrict guns, it wouldn’t make that much of a

difference when it comes to murders and crimes

because committing crimes and murdering people

is against the law, and people do it anyway, so if

specific guns were against the law and there

were certain rules against guns, so what?

Criminals and murderers don’t follow the law

anyways so what’s another law going to do to

stop them. Sure it will hinder their abilities to

commit such crimes, but It wont be enough to

stop them all together. Sure we shouldn’t have

access to bigger and more deadly guns, those

should be left to the military. We should

definitely not have access to those kinds of

weapons because there is no need whatsoever

for us to have them.

Obama says that he will not take away our

guns. He wants to protect our second

amendment rights while also making sure that

people who are not supposed to have guns under

existing laws do not get them. Addressing the

National Urban League's annual conference in

New Orleans, Obama said he supported the right

to own firearms, but called on Congress to

restrict the purchase of assault weapons.

Obama pressed for background checks to

prevent mentally unbalanced people from

getting guns. He said such regulations "shouldn't

be controversial. They should be common sense."

He says he won’t take our guns, however, he

advocated closing the loophole that allows for

gun purchases without background checks at

gun shows and for reinstating the assault

weapons ban, which would prohibit the

manufacture of certain semi-automatic firearms

(assault weapons) for civilian use. He has not

pushed for the ban though, and he has not moved

to close the gun-show loophole. The national

rifle association is very anti-Obama. He said on

April 16, 2008 at the Democratic Primary Debate,

National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

"As a general principle, I believe that the

Constitution confers an individual right to bear

arms. But just because you have an individual

right does not mean that the state or local

government can't constrain the exercise of that

right." I disagree. In saying