Gun Control

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David Garza
February 21, 2013
Dr. Long
Eng 111
Gun Control America is known as the land of freedom. However, in present times some citizens feel that the new firearm legislation proposed by the President and his subordinates is stripping that very freedom from them. On the other hand there are many citizens that feel the new legislation will give citizens comfort and peace of mind.
In January 2013, President Barack Obama announced that there should be new gun laws in regards mainly to the horrific Newtown shooting in Connecticut. The president and his Vice President Joe Biden proposed several regulations that in theory are believed to lessen the abuse of firearms. These regulations included the banning of certain semiautomatic weapons attached with military style equipment also known as “assault weapons.” This regulation in theory will reduce the possibility of any unauthorized or authorized gun holding ammunition magazines with more than ten rounds. Thus, the purpose of this regulation is to reduce the number of deaths if unfortunately an individual or group decides to harm a massive amount of people. The second regulation is enforcing background checks on all purchased firearms including any firearm purchased from federally licensed dealers. Under the new legislation If an individual wishes to purchase a firearm, they would need to complete a National Criminal Background Check System (N.I.C.S). The purpose of this regulation is to prevent any potential criminal possession of firearms. The last new law is an increase punishment for trafficking firearms.
Citizens opposed to the new firearm regulation mainly argue that the President and his subordinates are requesting innocent citizens to simply relinquish their right to bear arms. The right to bear arms is the United States 2nd amendment, and one of the most blurred and controversial law. People opposed to the new legislation argue that the gunman, (Adam Lanza) of the Connecticut shooting used firearms that was not registered in his name. According to journalist Matt Apuzzo and Pete Yost in the article “Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza’s Guns Were Registered to Mother Nancy Lanza: Official,” states that the four of firearms were registered in his mother’s name, and two were registered in his father’s. This fact bolsters the anti-gun control argument that anybody can get and use a gun without going through the legal process; thus making stricter gun laws absurd.
In conclusion, new legislation on firearms is going to be as ineffective as the Prohibition Act in the 20’s. It would only aggravate conservatives, increase black market gun