Gun Control Is Bad

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Why is the government taking away all our guns!? The simple answer? They’re not. Yes, the government is trying to increase the amount of laws and regulations regarding guns, however the issue is not as bad as some people make it sound. When the matter of gun control is carefully analyzed, looking at the constitution and what it says, the laws that already exist, and the actual firearms themselves, the reasons for our government's actions, as well as the effects of those actions can be seen in full. The main issue of gun control today is the fact that it is being heavily dramatized by a few influential individuals and organizations, which in turn encourages others to change their own view. By looking at the facts of gun control with an objective, …show more content…
However, it must also be considered that guns can provide a certain amount of safety and protection if used properly in certain situations. Firearms are often seen as a danger to the public, but in contrast, they are actually more dangerous to their owners. According to Robert Spitzer, in one year there were over six thousand more cases of suicide using a firearm than there were cases of murder with a firearm. This statistic alone shows that guns are not only used as weapons for murder, and can even be more dangerous to their owners than to the people around them. The idea that anyone who owns a gun is a potential danger to society is one that much of the misinformed public seems to believe. However, in some cases, a civilian with a gun can save lives. One instance of such an event is described in a case described by Personal Defense World, where an armed shooter at a mall, who otherwise could have killed hundreds of people, was confronted by an armed civilian, and fled, without killing a single person. There have been many similar cases that have been overlooked by media in favor of the “mass shootings” where the shooter is successful and kills hundreds. Part of the reason for this is the fact that nobody is interested in a story about a guy who saved some people, but if the news releases an article or T.V. segment about a mass shooting, the word spreads across the nation with baffling speed (“10 Cases Where an…”). Another important thing to take into account is that while these mass killings do take place, and will always take place as long as guns exist, the odds of such an event are surprisingly low. A good example of this is school shootings. When a school shooting does occur, and deaths result, the media is sure to cover it. However, what the media doesn’t mention is the statistics behind school shootings. According to Robert Spitzer, the odds of a child dying in a school shooting