Essay Against Gun Control

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Gun Control in the U.S.
We, as Americans, have the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. It is very important for us to preserve this right. Many of us need to use this right for our own personal protection. This amendment has stirred up a great amount of controversy among people in the United States. Though thought to be helpful by President Obama, gun control has made for some very unhappy people. Not only has this subject sparked anger in politicians, but also in the average Americans. Debates and protest on this subject are ongoing. People on social media, such as Facebook, create a constantly share articles, their thoughts, and even memes regarding gun control. We are at a crossroad, concerning the subject of gun control. There are firm believers of abolishing guns and firm believers of keeping guns. My hopes are by the end of this paper you will also be against gun control.
Before going on, we must know and understand what gun control is. Most people either already know the meaning or have a good idea what gun control is. Gun control is defined as laws or policies that control the acts of guns. Guns are used for many things, such as target practice, hunting, protection,
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Although at first look it seems as if it would help stop violence by a considerable amount, it most likely will not. Some advantages to gun control in America would include: the possibility of violence reduction, less suicides, and less freak accidents. Freak accidents such as a little kid picking up a gun and accidently shooting himself or more likely someone else. Gun control could help, but only to a certain extent. These advantages to gun control can be quickly counteracted. Gun control may cause less suicides and freak accidents, but there are a million other ways in this world a person could murder someone else. If someone wanted to murder someone bad enough they would find an alternative way to