Gun Control Vs. Gun Rights

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Gun Control vs. Gun Rights
Since the passing of the Second Amendment granting “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”, issues and debates pertaining to gun regulation were inevitable. People have abused their rights to protect themselves and used the weapon to exploit their dirty desires. Due to their injustices, laws putting restrictions and strict enforcements on guns are continually being issued.
In California more gun laws are coming into legislature and there is much debate on this subject.
Is placing these gun laws really effective in ensuring a communities’ safety? Or should there be more freedom on the possession of guns?
Controlling the distribution of firearms actually reduces the safety of a community. Gun control supporters can say, if there is less people in possession of a gun there will be less felonies involving shots fired. Sure there are fewer guns in circulation but there is already a high supply in the hands of the people. Crime and violence is unavoidable and is bound to occur on high levels and rates. Restricting guns to innocent citizens who are in the danger of being breached have no source of self-defense. According to a BRFSS survey, 21% of Californians owned a firearm (BRFSS 2001- Nationwide). Already about one-fifths held a gun and the majority of people who commit crimes have illegal possession of one.
I think the laws should be kept as is right now. More restrictions and control on guns would cause commotion and hassle. This will only provoke citizens who wonder why all these gun control laws are being placed. People would think there is a reason guns are being controlled and there is a danger in communities. Thus increasing suspicion and fear. There are already tests and regulations to meet the requirements in obtaining a license, a Certificate of Eligibility, so not anyone can just go to a store and buy one. As a state legislature I would regulate all information

on whoever bought the gun and track it from time to time. A background check on the buyer can also be included in the purchase. Gun laws right now are already strict; they keep people from carrying a loaded firearm in the open and you cannot carry one on school grounds or threaten someone with one. There are many