Guns: Firearm and Gun Control Advocates Essay

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Gun rights supporters will argue that more restrictions placed upon already strict gun laws will simply prove to be useless; criminals will always find other means in obtaining what they want or need, that is why they are criminals and operate on the fringe of society. More laws and regulations will simply prove to be a hindrance and inconvenience to those who are legally allowed to handle firearms, and thus, infringing on their civil liberties.

The proposal of having all firearms registered with the appropriate governmental authorities is an issue that has also been suggested by gun control advocates. They claim this will make gun owners more accountable for their actions, and limit the availability of firearms only to responsible individuals. The registration of firearms will only affect criminals and it would aid law enforcement in keeping track of who owns and possesses firearms. Factions supporting gun rights respond to this suggestion by claiming it is an enormous intrusion of a person's privacy.

Though there is already a ban implemented on automatic weapons, semi-automatic firearms are just as dangerous. In addition to their possible threat, semi-automatics are not needed for recreational use, and a person may adequately defend him/herself with a standard firearm. Gun rights activist have fought by stating that if the government bans semi-automatic weapons, it will only be a matter of time before all firearms are banned. People have the right to arm themselves