Gun Politics in the United States and Gun Owners Essay

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Since 1980, forty-four states have passed laws allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons outside their houses for personal protections. There is still an ongoing debate from two contrary positions on this constitutional issue. On one side, Liberal constitutional scholars hold a Collective Rights position, AKA the Common Good, that the Second Amendment only protects the collective right of the states to maintain armed militias. One another side, Conservative scholars hold an Individual Rights position that the Second Amendment also grants individual’s right to own guns as private property, and that most restrictions on buying and carrying guns impede Individual Rights. I am here to blatantly express my position against Gun Control and that U.S. citizens should be able to carry a gun for self-defense.
In the 1980’s, the National Rifle Association increased pressure on congress to loosen gun control laws and restrictions. All political viewpoints agree that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of the government to maintain an armed militia to protect the nation. But disagreement historically existed as to whether or not it guarantees the right of all persons to own/ use guns any place at any time.
The people that are for Gun Control believe that restricting gun ownership will likely reduce the number of crimes committed and are mainly for the Common Good. Advocates for stronger gun controls and restrictions point to the idea that the more we control how and when guns are delivered to people the lower the violence rates will be around the U.S. They believe lunatics, bullied school kids, disgruntled workers, and others can inflict mass casualties with guns. Legalized gun ownership means guns have a greater chance of falling into the wrong hands, and that is never good. They believe that guns are unnecessary, dangerous, and that they should be banned.
The people that are against Gun Control, which is currently my position, believe that banning guns aren’t really going to solve anything. Advocates for maintaining the status quo maintain that no matter what we do as a nation, guns will always get into the wrong hands