Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control

While researching gun control in America we are becoming more and more

stricter on our policies. Of course people have different viewpoint on the subjects.

It is definitely a subject that we need to take very serious. Gun control is a right that

every law-abiding citizen should have since our founding fathers made it our second

amendment for a reason.

The recent mass shooting such as the movie theatre in Colorado have made

people pro-gun control. In those situations, we have to look at all sides of what

happened. While removing guns might have prevented the shootings from happening,

on the other hand it we did not have home protection and a criminal breaks in with

a stolen gun individuals will be defenseless. The government has the knowledge of

every gun purchased in your home because of the registration process required for the

purchase of a gun. If it came down to removal of guns from individuals, it would be very

easy for the government to remove guns from individuals (Anthony, Gregory.

"GREGORY:Gun control and the sercurity illusion." Washington Times August 20 2012,

A1. Print.).

President Barack Obama is advocating for stricter gun control laws. President

Obama has signed a law into affect allowing individuals to carry a weapon in a national

park. It will be difficult for President Obama to win over gun enthusiast who are strong

believers in the second amendment. Even though President Obama is for gun control and

safety he has yet to do anything about it ??? (Erica, Werner. "Obama Gun Control

Policy:President Stays Virtually Silent On Issue." 11/25/11.,Inc,

Online Posting to Huff Post Politics. Web. 3 Sep. 2012.).

The United Nations has come up with the Arms Trade Treaty (needs a reference).

Most countries such as China, Russia, Great Britain, and France have banned guns. The

Obama administration was working with these countries to help write the treaty. Unlike

the parliamentary card communist countries in America it has to receive a two thirds vote

in order to become a law which is very unlikely. The main purpose of the Arms Trade

Treaty is to stop terrorist and rebels from getting weapons (John, Lott. "UN gun control

treaty will reveal gun laws Obama really supports." Fox News July 18 2012, A1. Web. 3

Sep. 2012.).

Canada laws are very similar to the United States when it comes to gun control.

Canada has recently