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Gun Control 1st Constituent Element
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“The best writing is re-writing”: 2rd Draft, 2 Tutorials, and 0 Teacher Conferences (Provocative Title) Gun Control, A Pro-Life Issue (Hook) While many families suffer from the 12 deaths and many injuries at the Aurora, Colorado Theater shooting, Gayle Trotter, Co-Founder of Shafer & Trotter PLC law firm, wrote that “In lieu of empty gestures, we should address gun violence based on what works.” (Trotter). (Bridge) Now Trotter’s message was not a clear one, bringing into account only one case, of a women defending her family with a firearm, instead of bring forth the many more cases of fatalities caused by loosely thought up firearm regulations. (Divided Stasis) (Opponent’s Claim informed by three scholarly sources) Although 2nd Amendment advocates believe stricter gun control will not prevent violent acts of murders, (Rhetor’s Main Claim informed by nine scholarly sources) looking at United States' previous experiences with Sandy Hook Elementary and Aurora, Colorado, increasing gun control will (Reason/Support 1) safely decrease the chances of massacres in high numbers by firearms, (Reason/Support 2) safely remove firearms from dangerously, untrained hands, and (Reason/Support 3) safely reduces quick access to these harmful firearms.
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Gun Control Journals
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Gun Control
Shots reading the article “Shots", I have learned that NRA advocates have nothing good to say when it comes to gun violence. They seem to try and bring up good counter arguments like guns don't kill people, people kill people, when in fact, if those people did not have the quick and easy access to those guns, then mass murders like Sandy Hook would not happen.
Repeal the Second AmendmentAfter reading, “Repeal the Second Amendment”, I learned there are approximately 300 million guns in civilian hands, in the United States. That being the highest per capita rate in the world. The United States only represents less than 5% of the global population. The Second Amendment impedes the United States government from regulating the sale and possession of firearms. This article strictly states that we do not need gun control, we need gun prohibition.
Gun Control As A Religious IssueAfter reading “Gun Control As A Religious Issue”, I learned that Christian control advocate believe gun control is as much an “Life Issue” or “Pro-life”, as abortion, euthanasia, and even the death penalty. People believe the issue is not one of crime or violence, but of sin. I as a Christian believe that we need God in our schools. We have taken him out of our education system and then ask why God allows things like this to happen. Con:
Should Congress pass Stronger Gun Laws?
Congressional Digest After reading the article “Should Congress pass Stronger Gun Laws?" I have learned that guns in some cases can be a helpful tool in self-defense. In some cases women use a firearm when they are faced with an attacker who is twice their size and double their weight. Firearms, when in trained hands, can help fight off and bring balance to these sort of attacks.
I’ve Owned 6 Guns, I’ve Drawn Them On Bad Guys, I Want To Be Understood
After reading “I’ve Owned 6 Guns, I’ve Drawn Them On Bad Guys, I Want To Be Understood”, I learned that gun owners have a much different perspective on the way they view guns. The writer describe that for people that have fired a weapon, it changes them, like those who have had sex and those who have not, those who have smoked cigarettes and those who have "never lit up" . For those who have used a firearm they have memories of the times they have done so. They look at these shooting and do not blame the guns that are killing