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In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare the character Hamlet states a line “To be or not to be...” What does that mean? What is Hamlet asking and what is he talking about? The question is is it better to be alive or to be dead in this world? Hamlet is questioning life in that quote because he is so depressed about his mother remarrying his uncle not even two months after his father, King Hamlet passes away. Hamlet is in a swirl of depression and considers suicide. He doesn’t kill himself because he has a strong spiritual background and doesn’t want to go to hell because it is a sin. He wishes he could just sleep (die) because that’s all dying is is a deep sleep that never ends. That’s something he looks forward to, but he is worried that after death’s sleep catches him there might be nothing on the other side. What is life like after death? What will it be like after all the noise and commotion of life is left behind. Hamlet is asking why a person puts up with all life’s humiliations like the insults from others, the cruelty from men, the hurt love can bring, rudeness from people in, and the mistreatment good people have to take from bad. The quote connects to life itself. In life a person depicts whether or not to be something or someone. For example many people depict whether or not to be a winner or a loser in life. Throughout the whole story the book keeps on referring back to the same quote. When Hamlet is deciding where he should kill Claudius. Hamlet is