Essay about Hamlet: Hamlet and Hamlets Irrational Behavior

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People face many situations that can lead them into madness. They can become delusional and begin to behave irrationally. In the play, Hamlet by Shakespeare the main character Hamlet finds out that his father was murdered by his uncle, which leads him into madness. Hamlet then begins to believe that in his situation he has the right to kill someone and his irrational behavior played an important part because his behavior was part of his plan to kill his uncle.
Hamlet has many emotions that he is going through. He finds out that his Uncle Claudius has murdered his father, because his father’s ghost appeared to him and told him what happened. His mother has also married his uncle which infuriated him. With all these emotions Hamlet comes to the state of madness. His father’s death leads him into acting out because he is grieving the loss of his father. When comes up with a plan to take revenge for his father’s death he wants to create a play to reenact the death of his father. If he sees that his uncle looks suspicious then he will know that he did kill his father. Hamlets irrational behavior is important throughout the play because at first it was just in act, but then he actually starts becoming delusional.
Once Hamlet comes up with a plan to get revenge of his uncle, part of his plan was too act as if he was crazy to hide that fact that he was trying to get revenge against his uncle. Also to make sure that his uncle was unaware that he knew about him killing his father.