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This week’s article of the week was an editorial about Monsanto and what is really in packaged food. Monsanto is a corporation that creates food that is genetically modified to meet industry standards. When people think produce, they assume that it was naturally grown by farmers: this is not always the case. Scientists have created vegetables like corn and tomatoes by modifying adding and deleting cells. Ever since this process began, many consumers have wondered how “real” their food is. For example, when eating at a fast food restaurant (like MacDonalds’),many customers do not wonder what is in the food they are eating. When comparing food from McDonalds’ and food made from a home, they look completely different. Monsanto claims that they have put all of their ingredients on labels,boxes, and bags: but do they list them all?

Another example of GMOs is the animals and livestock that is killed to make food. Major companies like Monsanto inject fluids into animals to receive more profits. Unfortunately, the fluid remains in the animals that consumers eat which can cause sickness and new allergies. Millions of people eat this type of food that can make them really sick; but why do consumers still eat it? One of the main reasons why is because the ingredients are displayed after buying the food. In order to make people aware of what they are about to eat,ingredients should be put on the menus. Lastly, even though the foods produced by Monsanto is genetically modified, the company will continue to produce them regardless of the effects. In order to avoid this, not eating any foods with GMOs is the simplest way. Unfortunately,many consumers will still eat packaged and fast food;but they need to be aware of the ingredients in the foods by reading the labels on the boxes and packages.

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Banning Books vs. Burning Books

Many schools and libraries have banned books for many reasons like violence and vulgar language. Because of these reasons, some books have been burned also. What is the difference between them? Banning