Harvey: Motivation and Human Resources Management Essay

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Unit 16 Human Resources Management in Business

1. P3. Outline how an organisation motivates its employees.
2. M2. Compare the use of motivation theories in an organization.
3. D1. Suggest, with justification, ways of improving motivation in an organisation setting.

1. Apple is the 15th largest company in the world and has employed over 100,000 thousand people, so keeping each and every single one of their staff constantly motivated is not easy, so how do they do it?
Apple has their own way of how they motivate their staff but still a large proportion of that method comes from Maslow’s theory, low order should be taken as priority. Apple has fulfilled their employee’s physiological needs by paying them an average salary of £37,500 assuring them a healthy lifestyle. Then, if an employee performs well and completes there own individual tasks over a set amount of periods they will receive a free Apple IPhone as a reward.

2. McGregor's XY motivation theory was first published in 1960 but is still used today. However some people do 'question the rigidity' of the theory. According to businessballs.com ‘McGregor's theory remains central to organisational development, and to improving organisational culture.' In comparison, McGregor's motivation theory is very different to Apples approach to motivate employees. Apple has invested a lot in their employees. They want to keep them happy so they work better. They have used Maslow’s theory (low-order need should be taken as