Health and Health Continuum Essay

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Revision questions

Question 1 – What is meant by the term health continuum?
Health continuum is a scale where one can find an ideal way of wellness. It is capable of helping one to find out the worst way to handle one’s life and get a middle point where you can improve your life. Example: if a person’s health continuum is in the dark blue this means the person is extremely healthy however, if a person suffers from a disability or illness they are shown in the red/orange area. This means that could be close to death or nowhere near healthy as a person in the blue.

Question 2 – Explain why different groups within society have different perceptions of health.
A homeless person can suffer from an illness as they don’t have the correct medical supplies and a home, compare this to a rich person who eats healthy, has an education and maintains there fitness. Obviously the homeless person would suffer a lot more then someone who has a high level of wellness. Society’s groups can all depend on there access to medication, education, money etc.

Question 3 – Explain why health is considered a social construct
‘Social construction of health refers to the way health varies from one society to another. Social construction refers to the statistics like the morbidity and mortality rate of our society. Our gender, class, ethnicity, religion and even education.’
Without these wellbeing’s we are able to determine someone’s health. Example if a child from Africa that has never been to a school, is compared to a private college student in Australia we are able to determine that the Australian student has a much higher health continuum then the African child.

Question 4 – List protective and risk behaviours for young people in regards to sexual health.
Risk Behaviours:
Sexual Activity
Drug abuse
Unprotected sex
Lack of education
Unplanned Pregnancy
Protective Behaviours:
Protected sex
Handling drugs with care (pills etc.)

Question 5 – How does the interaction of multiple risk factors impact the health of young people?
Many risk factors can impact a young persons life tremendously. For example, a person’s physical wellbeing can be affected at a young age. If they neglect themselves and don’t exercise or watch there diet they can become over weight. Once at a certain weight it’s hard to loose it again. From there it can affect there social wellbeing, they may become to anxious to leave the house because of there body shape which then leaves them unsocial with other people. Another reason could be if they applied for a job they may be neglected because of their size image.

Exam style questions

Examine the dynamic nature of health
The dynamic nature of health means ever-changing aspects to your health. It can change regularly. Example, a soccer player has being playing at a national level for three years. During a game he injuries himself, he then finds out he can not play for a year. His physical wellbeing can drop dramatically as he can’t train as much due to his injury. His emotional wellbeing is affected too as he no longer can participate in his sport which makes him upset and devastated.

Discuss how the