Health Care and family Essay

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Sample Questions to Guide You in Learning about a Person's Culture
[Adapted from E. Lynch & M. Hanson (1998) Developing Cross-Cultural Competence.]
1. What is your history? What is your home of origin? Why did you/your family settle in _____?
2. What is your work?
3. What are some of your family customs and roles of members within your family? What is your role in your family?
4. How closely do you identify with and affiliate with your culture? How assimilated into the mainstream culture are members of your family and how well is that accepted by the rest of the family?
5. What are the gender roles in your culture? And in your family?
6. What religious or spiritual beliefs are influential in your culture and for your family?
7. What are your family beliefs about around child rearing and discipline?
8. What would be the characteristics and practices of people who are considered to be excellent parents in your culture?
9. What are the power structure in your family? Is age a factor in who has power? How are decisions made at the family and community level?
10. Who holds positions of formal power in your culture? Who are the most powerful informal leaders in your community? Who held positions of power in the past?
11. What is your concept of health? What are customary health practices and beliefs? Who is responsible for and influences health care? Do you use home or folk remedies, a healer, shaman or some other traditional or spiritual healer?
12. What is your concept of time? Is this the same as others in your culture?
13. What is your concept of personal space? What is considered appropriate touch between people of various