Health Care Reform Essay

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Health Care Utilization
Kerlyn Joseph
HCS/235 Health Care Delivery
January 25, 2010
Anne Packham

Health Care Utilization
With the current health care reform that has been passed, it is now the law and mandatory for people to get health insurance through their employer, government, or individually. Each person should have health insurance to take care of their health. For many years there have been issues concerning with people all across the US, affecting access to the care they want and need. The health care reform bill addresses health insurance by expanding coverage to millions of people who are currently uninsured without health insurance. With the new health care reform measures, the new law prohibits health insurance plans denying coverage because of any pre-existing conditions, dropping ill patients from coverage and lifetime caps on any coverage. With these measures in effect this drastically changes people's lives. People will now be able to walk into a clinic when their sick without being turned away. The health care reform also helps our economy and health insurance industry. The new health care law provides news ways that would hold insurance companies accountable. The Affordable Care Act makes health insurance more affordable to. For many years, health insurance has taken advantage with their premiums and requirements to make profit for their company and not actually carrying for others. The law provides for subsidies to help people with limited incomes pay for their new coverage and establishes "exchanges" that will assist individuals and small businesses in finding good plans with competitive pricing (Chenven, 2010). Changes to access the health care reform brings influences utilization in a prosperous way. With the health care act reform being passes, a lot more knowledge to health care will be available. With people having more access to health care, it motivates people to get well and stay well. These changes also give people choices to different health care. With people having choices, this gives them more knowledge and more insight on better health. With these health insurance companies not being able to have a hold on people premium by jacking the prices, these changes are appropriate and influence others to get well. With people having more access it reduce costs without jeopardizing access to the needed. It is good to know that with the changes in health care reform, it will help out with the rate of health care spending. For the people who have low income, they will now be able to have health care insurance to a limit. Utilization would not be possible without access to services.
In the law, Congress has created and defined a model health care organization, naming it the Accountable Care Organization. According to Chenven (2010), “An ACO is an organization that provides coordinated health care services under one umbrella and is willing to be held accountable for the quality and efficiency of the care provided to its patient population. The hope is that the establishing of ACOs will lead to greater quality, efficiency and access in the future” (Chenven, 2010).
Universal health care is when everyone is covered through basic health care services by the government. No one would be denied to care and everyone will be taken care of when sick. Universal health care should be a right of citizenship, free of charge. Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act which will go into effect in 2014. With our current care system in our country today, it fails to help many people that need it. With a universal health care in place our country will gain life time expectancy to a higher range then where it stands today. Our fertility rate wouldn't be as high as it is today. With Universal health care medical professionals can concentrate on healing the patients and not concerning with any malpractice liability and insurance procedures. With a universal health care, these free medical services would