Health Care Service Essay

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The issue at hand involves three parties, the health insurance company, providers of health care and consumers of health care. There is one party that holds both parties together as a link of connection and that is the consumers of the health care services provided. The health care insurance company does have an objective to meet it goals and these goals have made them very competitive through competitive rates and services they provide for their clients. In higher ambition of wanting to achieve more of what they have already attained, it has led to them contracting with Verde Greene Hospital in order to include them in their network of healthcare providers.
The consumers of the health care services in their ability to attain higher satisfaction of service that they acquire from both the insurance company and the health care providers, have led to their desire to pressure their insurance company to include a very high performance health care facility that provide a very desirable health care service. It is a normal consumer behavior due to the fact that their wants and needs in relation to health care service must be meet. In this direction, the consumers have created an issue of inaccessibility that pertains to certain consumers. It is a scenario of majority carries the vote in the cause of satisfying their health needs as a group within a health care plan.
The health care providers on the other hand do have the motivation to reach excellence that would attract consumers