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Health Report
Health Care
Health care is a system given to mostly everyone in the world. Many countries are unable to give people affordable treatment and this is why many undeveloped countries suffer from poor health care and not many hospitals. In the United Kingdom, health care is free. This is because of free health care system called the National Health Service that was formed in 1948 under Clement Attlee’s labour government. The NHS is a free health care service in the United Kingdom. It is the largest and also the oldest health care system in the world. The NHS is funded by citizens’ taxes and shows the rest of the world that everyone should be entitled to free health care. Although the NHS has had a few issues with financial control and how to manage the cost of new devices to ensure that health problems are stable, they are still able to manage a lot of peoples’ health.

Individual Rights
In hospitals, care homes, nurseries etc, every individual has the right to be respected and to be treated fairly. The care workers, patients and children all have rights and responsibilities that should be taken into consideration. Safeguarding is the most important, safeguarding means making sure that all patients are being well looked after and they are safe and protected from harm. Zainab is a blind woman, so safeguarding should ensure that wherever she goes there should be someone looking after her and watching what she does. She has also suffered from a stroke and can’t move her left arm, because of this, Zainab is in a wheelchair. Moving around will be difficult and there should always be staff with her when she wants to move around. Treating people with respect is important because everyone needs to be valued as individuals. Zainab can’t speak in English and sometimes this can frustrate some care workers but it is important that respect is still shown to the patient. Dignity is important because it is a care worker’s responsibility to make sure that people’s dignity is maintained. Because Zainab is in a wheelchair, her dignity must be maintained. For example, when she needs to use the toilet, a nurse must be there to help her. Being able to communicate properly with patients and making sure that everything you talk about is confidential will make everyone feel safe and comfortable. It is the care workers responsibility to ensure that the children/patients get as much support, help and advice as possible. There is nothing worse than a patient that doesn’t understand their certain situation and doesn’t get enough support to make them feel better about themselves and be more understanding about why they are being looked after. Age should be taken into consideration but to a certain extent. When working in health care, care workers will notice that every patient has a different age so therefore they must be treated differently but with respect so they feel like they’re comfortable.

Culture is a quite a big issue in health care because the United Kingdom is a diverse country which many people of different races and cultures live in. When working in health care, it is good to understand people’s cultures because some of the things you do, may not be acceptable to others. Disabilities are a bit of a barrier in health care as a lot of disabled people find it hard to be confident and understand their disability. The responsibility of a care worker in dealing with a disabled person is to ensure that disabled people