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Unit 1 DB

What are the components of quality?
There are many components of quality in the healthcare field. When I think of components of quality, especially in the healthcare field my first thought is about the care, customer service, and compliance just to name a few. Today, we have so many hospitals and clinics and their goal is to get the patient seen and collect what is due. The quality of care is just not like it used to be when I was child. It has changed a whole lot in 40 years.
What 3 ways can you create quality within the health care organization for the patient?
First off, we need to be able to listen and understand what are patients are looking for in a healthcare environment. The bedside manners have flown out the window. I don’t know with they just don’t care about their patients or just in a rush to get to the next patient. Secondly, patience is also a quality that we need to have when dealing with patients. This is not just in clinics and hospitals but in our nursing homes and specialty clinics such as mental health. Lastly, would be compassion. Some of the personnel that you come across in the healthcare field has no compassion and could care less about what is going on in your life. They are just ready for their shift to get over so that they could go home.
Who are your customers, and what does it take to satisfy the customer?
Your customers are everyone that you come in contact with in your establishment. That means adults young and old, children, the elderly and even the delivery personnel (mail man or UPS). Everyone one deserved to be treated right when they walk in to your place of business. Greet and acknowledge that you see