Career Action Plan Essay

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Professional Career Action Plan
My objectives are to work in the State Health Department as a Healthcare Administrator.
In this paper I will speak my professional objectives and what I will need to work on in order to reach this goal. I will consider the skills that I presently have and the abilities that I need to either change or perfect. I will speak of the different steps that I will need to take so as to reach this final goal. There are many ways that a professional may take in order to attain the goals they have set for themselves. Some administrations are there in order to help students reach their goals via training and embarking on more educational avenues. I have chosen the field of Healthcare Administration as my final
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These skills cannot provide a patient with healthcare in a pre-hospital setting. They do, however, have organizational and communication skills as well as being able to do other tasks that are important within a facility.
I do know that I will have to improve on any skills that could help in making me more sought after; for example a manager could be one that has knowledge, skills and interests in many areas but has no real specialty. Then there is the professional manager who will conform to the skills, competence and/or character which is expected of a properly qualified/experienced person.
The healthcare administrator needs to be able to progress and preserve plans and events for induction. As a healthcare manager I will play an important job in the healthcare field; because the healthcare administrator is the person that keeps the administration in place and they need to have excessive leadership skills. The services that I need to recover on are computer technology it is heavy, because it is always developing and needs extensive knowledge for today. For example web cam was a big hit and now Skype is the newest tendency (Health Careers Center is a division of Mississippi Hospital Association, 2002-2004).
To become knowledgeable about the healthcare field you are required to have an acceptable familiarity of computers. I have a good familiarity of computers and have become even more knowledgeable since joining