Essay on Healthcare: Psychology and Team Member

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2. Attitude and Learning
 Complete the following in your team meeting:
Share what you learned about yourself by completing the exercises in Ch. 1 of Becoming a Master Student and how you might use this information in your education.
We are all different in our own ways, we each process our attitudes different, our learning process is different, we all process our thoughts different and we all communicate differently. We each have our own way of doing things that works for us, we each have ways that will work for us that won’t work for others, and we are each stuck in our own way of doing things. I learned that I am a watching/doing type of learner, that I work better by myself with a little bit of input from others, but I learn a lot from reading other individuals inputs and by seeing their thinking process. It’s weird for me, I like working by my self but I like having input and thoughts from others. Communication is key for me, once I get something in my head I run with it, I usually have very strong feelings about issues and I don’t move and that hurts in my learning style and working in teams. Discuss strategies for communication among team members with different attitudes and learning styles.

Each member needs to keep in the back of their mind that everyone comes from different back grounds, different lifestyles and different opinions. Not everyone is going to agree on every topic everyone just needs to be respectful, and agree to disagree with standing by what we believe. We also have to learn not to take most things people say personal, sometimes the way things come off is not the way the person meant them and also it’s a computer