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Bingo, “46.3 million people in the U.S. are uninsured,” according to the 2008 U.S. Census Bureau. In the past month, I have taken my grandma back and forth to the hospital and to the pharmacy. She had slight bronchitis and was prescribed with medicine. She was shocked to hear that one of her medicines would have costed $310, but she only had to pay $3.10 because she had health insurance. She had complained to me about the prices of medicine and the trips she had to the pharmacies when I had to remind her that she was lucky that she head health coverage because others die sick and can’t afford health care. This goes to show that health care is a major concern. Therefore, there should be free health care available for all Americans because it is affordable and the nation can afford it. The nation can afford free health care with the aid on cutting back on other expenses. War constitutes as a “moral hazard” to many and thus finances could be redirected from war to hospitals ( Investing in artillery can lead the nation into a “financial ruin” in which the money could be used for medical aid. With these things in consideration, war can be expensive and rerouting resources to health-aide can easily afford free health care. Likewise, cutting back on any other expense can achieve free medical attention. (Develop more Loza) Healthy citizens equal to longer life spans. With the advent of free health care, citizens of the U.S. can be free of illness’s which can deter them from having a longer life cycle. As well with anyone else, “lacking health care can lead people to suffer” from various symptoms which can affect those and those around them. Also, those in “bad health” can have easy access for medical attention when needed. Furthermore, the need for a healthy lifestyle can be attained faster through free health insurance. With this in perspective, the convenience of free health care can equal to a longer life. (More for Loza) Providing free health care coverage to all citizens will help contribute to our economic productivity. When Americans have easy access to health care, they tend to live longer lives simply because they are not waiting to be seen until they are chronically ill. Americans should have this as a right; “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being...” ( Because it will help avoid many of the chronic diseases that we have acquired in this lifetime. When a citizen is chronically ill their contribution to Americas growth decreases. Developing healthy Americans will only result to contributing to our society for a longer time. Which in term, creates jobs to help better our money circulation. Lessening the medically-related financially troubled. Guaranteeing these rights will enable us to work freely whether it be at a low or high cost. In addition to economic productivity, providing welfare is increasingly important. Having this free to Americans will alleviate diseases, stress, anxiety and other symptoms that will disable Americans. Life presentation is clearly important. Our citizens need to be able to function appropriately in society in order to contribute. But often times that is not the case which leads to other underlying issues of our country. This will also decrease the ailing individuals which will prevent families from working which in turn stops production. “Declaration