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Help Is on the Way Help is one the way is a service found by ungraduated students Tayla Bates, Monroe Adams, Dijon Mujahid, Eddie Kane, and Brenda Thomas. Brenda and Dijon are the marketing majors in the group but we all have the same interest in helping the community. We went with the Help is on the Way service because it is affordable, original, and a great help to our target market. We all put in our prospective on what works and what does not. We only considered the best services for the elderly, wounded veterans, and disabled because of the lack there of.
What is Help is on the Way and how does it work?
Help is on the way is a service that assist elders, and wounded veterans with daily needs such as the following: groceries, medicine, and on time doctor appointments. There will be an online website that provide links to our sponsors shopping page where the members can select the specific grocery or pharmacy for us to pick up and drop off. We want to reach all of our target market and we know that everyone doesn’t shop at the same place, so we have a sponsorship with the major grocery/pharmacy marts such as Wal-Mart, Publix, and Winn Dixie. Once their shopping list is complete the link will then take the members to our checkout page. For example, when shopping online with Amazon, the item(s) are sent to the shopping cart and then redirects the customer to PayPal to checkout. This is how our online service will work! After checkout, the shopping cart will be sent to our database for our team to go the sponsor chosen, and pick up those specific item(s) and prepare them for drop off to the member’s home. Also, the members can select an approximate drop off time. We offer on time doctor visits as well. The members login in and select the doctor visit form, fill in the required information, and we do the rest. We promise to provide on time and superior service to all of our members!
The monthly subscription depends on the type of plan or package the member selects. We offer grocery drop off, pharmacy drop off, or doctor visits for $49.99. Help is on the Way also offers a mix n match of any two services for $99.99, and all three for a great deal of $125.99. We feel that this is affordable and reasonable for the great service we will provide.
Help is on the Way is also committed to giving back to the community by contributing to departments that aid our target market. Ultimately, the service would like to develop and fund its own Help is on the Way programs. This plan will outline how Help is on the Way intends to introduce new offers, expand its location, and give back to the community.
Help is on the Way Mission and Vision Statement
Mission statement
To create and build a valuable relationship with the