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Her Right To Choose
Shelondra Davis
Michael Frank

Her Right To Choose Abortion has been a sensitive topic for years and will continue to be as long as people have different viewpoints. A woman’s body is her own property in which no one has the right to dictate what she can or cannot do with it. Woman’s Rights were worth fighting for and the fight of Woe vs. Wade although won seems to still be going on to this day. Woman fact humiliation, shame and embarrassment when trying to make this life changing decision and it isn’t about everyone else in that moment, it is about herself and her body. The article Abortion is Murder for Convenience written by Damon Hall talks about abortion and why it is wrong. In the article he states that it is wrong and a selfish act to deny life to another because of an accident or unplanned pregnancy. Damon Hall feels that woman should still have the child and just put it up for adoption. Damon Hall states, Abortion is a physical health risk to the mother. It is not always a smooth easy procedure where everything comes out right. (“Abortion is Murder for Convenience,” 2009). Although this may have some truth, this reason can’t be used to justify why a woman shouldn’t have an abortion because woman that have children put themselves at great physical risk health risk also. Mothers face many risk during childbirth ranging from anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, cord wrapped around baby neck, seizures, hemorrhage, preeclampsia, breech baby and the list goes on. (“Risks and Danger Signs during Pregnancy,” 2011). Pregnancy is such a traumatizing thing for the female body that takes a long time to recover from and a woman’s body never goes back to how it was pre-pregnancy. According to Mr. Hall,) Abortion is also an emotional risk of the would-be mother. Studies show that "women seven times more likely to die of suicide" who aborted. . (“Abortion is Murder for Convenience,” 2009). I cannot discredit that some women that have abortions may be vulnerable to depression because it is a very emotional decision, but for woman that are pregnant and that have children it is extremely common to have depression. According to “Depression during and after pregnancy fact sheet” (2009), depression occurs in about 13% of all pregnant woman and new moms and is extremely common. Women that are at risk of depression while pregnant are aniexty, money problems, stress, young age, drug abuse, relationship problems and mental health issues. As far as the suicide statement made by Mr. Hall, during my research all I could find in terms of the