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Filipos Temnewo per 4 movie review

Heroes For Sale (1933)

Heroes for Sale, a movie released just 4 years after the crash, is a movie with a lot of different plots, the plots were so many that it really hard to predict what would come up next, special the ending. It begins with a a rainy night of the World War I. Led by Tom Holmes, Roger and some other soldiers go to a suicide mission behind enemy lines to capture a German officer. With this scene and the other scenes that follow, the movie in a way kind of seemed to portray World War I as a war that was going on between the United States and Germany. It shows how soldiers who were ready to sacrifice themselves for the war aren't really provided with much after the war, most of them had to find their own ways, that after the war the government doesn't really care about them. But the movie wasn't only about about the war, it showed how society back then viewed things like drug addiction, it was something that was really unacceptable, it didn't matter who or how you became addicted. After the crash, it shows how if you were in riot or had something to do with it you were considered a communist, that people didn't really have their rights as much as we do right now, police could hit and fire at people that were an armed. It showed how the day by day developing technology affects people, the easier the machine gets, the more people that lose their jobs. Not just that, it also showed the bad side of capitalism, it addresses how money can change people, like Max who was a communist and was all towards