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Heroism When most people think of heroes, they think of the stereotypical superheroes that we always see in cartoons and comics—those overly-exaggerated, cape-wearing, super-humans with unrealistic abilities. This is just one example of a hero of course, but most people don’t realize that there are heroes all around us. For one to show true heroism, they would need to accomplish things to their best ability. Heroism is doing the right thing—not only for your self-benefit, but also for the rectitude and morality gain of those around us—even if it requires some self-sacrifice along the way. Heroes are valorous, faithful, and inspirational to themselves and others.
Heroism is striving to reach your goal, despite the given obstacles. Heroes are inspirational by their actions and determination. In Mulan, Mulan takes the place of her ill father during the war. She dedicates her ambition to fighting for her army even though she is a girl. Mulan had lots of integrity even when no one believed in her. Also, in October Sky, Homer decides to follow his dream and design a rocket. He works day and night, hoping to create a successful launch. Homer doesn’t let the disapproval and discouragement from his family and classmates stop him from attaining his dream. Homer is an inspiration to others and proves that you can do anything if you really try. There is no better example of heroism than being courageous and exhibiting leadership through times of trouble. One example of this is a boy, Deamonte Love, who was only six years old when he rescued a band of toddlers from the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He portrayed love, compassion, bravery, and heroism as he returned the 6 small children back to their families. Additionally, Odysseus, from the Odyssey puts aside his own emotions when he becomes trapped inside a cave with only his men and a predatory Cyclops. Odysseus quickly thinks of a clever way to escape by tricking the Cyclops. “When the wine had fuddled his wits I tried him with some subtle words: … ‘My name is Nobody’”. (SB p.36) By using his cunning perception, Odysseus leads himself and his men out of, what would have been a catastrophic end. Heroism is not giving up when things seem perplex or troublesome, but rather trying diligently to accept what you have and learn to make the best of it. In the poem, A Man, a man loses one arm and is afraid of all the abilities he is going to lose, such as the capability of doing simple things like playing the piano and applauding. “From now on, I shall only be able to do things by halves.” (SB p.10) Instead of mourning over his loss, the man adapts. “He did everything with twice as much enthusiasm”, said the author. (SB p.10). Another example of heroism is a dog. In the poem, Moco Limping, a dog has a limp leg and this causes the dog to be clumsy and ungraceful. The owner wants a “perfect” dog and winces every time his pet runs or chases