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In the Autobiography, Stone described a hero and what it is not. “Heroes are every day, common people, most of what they do goes unheralded, unappreciated and that ironically is heroism not to be recognized.”(Stone) What do you consider a hero? Someone who is made-up and fights bad guys for revenge and only comes out on television? Or someone who would rather stay home and take care of their grandma because she’s sick than to go to the party of the year? Being a hero can bring many sacrifices but one is willing to do what best even if that includes dying for what you believes in. For instance Abraham Lincoln. In the article, “White House funeral Sermon for Abraham Lincoln” by Dr.Phineas D. Gurley states “president is slain, our beloved country is saved.” Furthermore, these people believed in Abraham and they how he could save this country from slavery, and the people around him appreciated him and considered him a hero for doing what’s best for the people. Abraham Lincoln is an everyday hero because of how he was willing to die for what he believed in which was ending slavery. Additionally, Oliver Stone mentioned how a hero’s point of view is different from a thirds person point of view. In the autobiography he says, “The simple acts of heroism are often overlooked that’s very clear to me not only in war but in peace. “This is referring to how some people can look at the military for example and appreciate them for fighting for our country to gain freedom while on the other hand someone could be thinking of how the military are killing people that don’t have weapons to protect themselves. Finally, Martin Luther king wanted to end slavery as well, so he wrote a speech and spoke to the people about discrimination. It isn’t allowed today because of him, it is a law now and you could get into big trouble for it. Martin Luther King died for freedom, for liberty, and fairness. How everyone is created equally, no matter what color you are. As a result, all these people are heroes because what they believed did not only affect them but the people around them which is not selfish. Many heroes don’t get recognized, there are so many people who do the right thing every day but who notices? For instance, “Who is heroic? Scientists who spend their live trying to find cures for disease. The teenager who says no to crack. The inner-city kid who works at McDonalds instead of selling drugs. The kid who stand alone instead of joining a gang, which would give him an instant identity.” Articulates Oliver Stone from the autobiography of “Where I find my hero’s.” Thus, there are many examples of hero’s that don’t get recognized but there are so many out there. Like the kid walking down the street instead of robbing people for their money. That kid could probably be on his way to a ceremony for getting straight A’s, on the other hand the kid robbing people could be going to jail for 2 years. Depending on the amount of money the item was worth. Another example of a hero is a daughter who goes to work with her mom to help get food on the table and a roof over her head, rather than being bad and stealing from her mother because she’s poor and wants things