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Hey Jude

1. What is the thesis statement of the essay? Do you agree with the placement? Why or why not? I think that the thesis of this story would be “Through all the struggles and all the victories he reminds me every day to reach for the stars and go beyond the ordinary

2. Are there any additional details that could be included to help you better understand the story? What is missing or unclear? I think the author did a great job with this story and describing the job that this little boy had brought to her. I could feel the happiness and love in it.

3. Are the details covered in a logical sequence? If flashbacks are used, are they clear? Why or why not? Yes I do think that the details are in logical sequence. There was no flash backs used in the story

4. What part of the narrative is most memorable? Why? The part about how this little boy has brought back life into their ceasing family and how it reminds them of how precious life it. This was most memorable because we do forget about the simple things in life with how hectic it can get, and having a little girl myself I can understand where that feeling is coming from

5. Does the narrative include dialogue? If so, does it flow smoothly? I did not notice any real dialogue in the story

6. Does the author provide the reader with a sense of completion at the end? How? I think the author does by stating a quote from the bible

7. What kinds of grammatical errors, if any, are evident in the narrative? The first