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Annika S
Concert Report
March 21, 2013
Jazz Music 2380 A Day at the Jazz Concert with my Mom

On March 19, a beautiful Sunny Day I decided to take my mom to a nice Jazz concert at the Miami Dade Wolfson Campus. We walked towards the auditorium with the cool smooth sounds of Music flowing through the doors. The vibe was all right as we proceeded into the dimly blue lit auditorium with such relaxing tones excelling from the stage. My mom says, "This is so nice!", when she sat down next to me beaming from ear to ear, no doubt happy to be out of the house. At this assembly there were three types of Jazz music played, Horrace Silver, Blue Note, and Hard Bop Ensemble. During the Horace Silver Ensemble the music that was played was Fire by Joe Henderson which was my favorite one during this ensemble. Fire was my favorite not only because of the name of the song struck my attention but the music was truly a story. Adam's Apple by Wayne Shorter was interesting and an easy listen as I looked over from time to time to catch my mom gleaming at the performance. Sister Sadie was a different feel as the upbeat tempo had me bopping my head in unison with the beat of the drum. Although the sax-a-phone player was mediocre the song was still a great listen. Moan' By Bobby Timmons was relaxing and the piano player was very talented. The next Ensemble on the program Blue Note, and the first song that we heard was "Minor Mood." At first listening, right away I could see why that was the name of the song with all the minor keys that were played; it certainly put me in sort of a minor mood. Actually Most of the Blue Note Ensemble songs were sort of minor in key as I listened to them one by one. My mom start to fall asleep at this point in the program, but out of all the Ensembles I liked this one best. Blue Note was my favorite because this was the only Ensemble for which we heard that actually introduced voice as a musical instrument. The song that caught my attention was Nutville By Horace Silver, the upbeat and fast tempo even woke my mom, she quickly became energized and was wide eyed at the fast paced music. That last song played "No Me Esqueca" By Joe Henderson, made me feel like I was in a club when I closed my eyes and listened to the music, it was as if I could feel the atmosphere. The Last and certainly not least Ensemble was Hard Bop. The music in this Ensemble was a little least minor keys and very smooth to listen. Afrocentric was more minor keys and I was not feeling the saxophone player on this song. The song Afrocentric altogether seemed choppy and not