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English IV Summer Assignment 2013:

Windows to the World – Senior Project

This summer, you will complete the following steps in order to begin your Windows to the World project:

1. Complete the journal entries included in this packet. (MUST BE TYPED AND DOUBLE SPACED) Each entry is to be printed on a separate page.

2. Decide on a career, profession, service, skill, or hobby that interests you.

3. Locate a mentor. This person must be at least twenty-one years of age and have either a degree or experience in the chosen field. Your mentor may NOT be an immediate family member, a “significant other,” or an employer in a job you will have during your senior year.

**Please be very careful when choosing your mentor. Many students in the past have had difficulties completing the project when their mentors quit for a variety of reasons. Please be sure to emphasize to your prospective mentor that this project will last until April of next year.

4. Complete the mentor card and have it signed.

5. Select a research topic and begin research on your topic. Locate a source that you may use to enhance your knowledge of your research topic. Read and analyze your source.

On Monday, August 12, 2013 (the first day of school!), you will turn in all of your typed journal entries and your signed mentor card.

Windows to the World Summer Journals

The following are the journal entries you will consider, research, and compose. Each entry must be typed (double-spaced). You should be concise in your writing, yet detailed with the necessary information to fully explore the topic.

1. Consider the career you researched during your junior year. Is this career one that you would like to continue researching? Why/why not? If not, what career field would be an area of interest for you? Why does your chosen field interest you?

2. What person would be a good mentor for you in this field? Why do you feel this person would be a good mentor?

3. What related, researchable topic can you explore in this field? What sources are available for you to research this topic? Explain in detail. (You may want to discuss this with your mentor before writing this entry.)

4. What is the title of the source you located and studied on your research topic? Where did you find this source? What useful information did you learn from it? Explain in detail.

• My signature above indicates my agreement to commit to being a Windows to the World mentor for the 2012-2013 school year. • I understand that this Senior Project will involve monthly interviews, a minimum of 8 hours of “job shadowing” by the student at my place of business, and my guidance and advice on completing a research project and product connected to a topic within my career field. • I also understand that this project will be conducted over a period of 8-10 months. • I further agree and accept that the student will be required to take a minimum of 8 photographs connected to my business (mentor, student with mentor, outside the place of employment (in front of the marquee), inside the place of employment, work stations, equipment, people who work with or for the mentor, products or services, special skills required on the job, and other categories important to the field.

Photo Release Form

I hereby give _____________________________ permission to take photographs of me, my place of business, or photographs in which I may be involved with others for the purpose of completing his/her school project entitled Windows to the World. I understand that these photographs are to be used for educational purposes only, and will not be published in any way beyond the scope of the above mentioned school project.

I hereby release and discharge __________________________, and Zachary High School from any and all claims arising out of use of the photos.