High School and Old Dominion University Essay

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My name is Montaisia Hawkins. I am currently a senior at New Kent High School. My academic status is satisfying with a GPA of 2.3; however I am working towards improving it to a 3.0 or higher. I enjoy listening to music, dancing, reading and learning new things. I am very excited about finishing high school and continuing on to college. Hopefully I will be able to get accepted and attend Old Dominion University. I want to create realistic goals and stay focus on my goals, the more I stay focused on them the better chance I have of achieving them. My first two years of high school I attended Varina High School when I was living with my father. I’ve been living with my dad since I was about seven years old, at the age of sixteen I moved with my mother when she got her own house. I have a total of 5 siblings; two of which is just my dad’s and three which is my mom’s. I love my family; I think family is very important. On my dad side I have two younger brothers, I’m the oldest and the only girl, so basically get everything I want. However, on my mom side I have one older brother and two younger sisters and of course the baby girl always gets her way. The last few years, I’ve been trying to decide the perfect career for me. I wanted to choose something that would allow me to help others as well as contribute a healthy lifestyle and personal wellness. The career path I’ve chosen to seek is dentistry. I became interested in being a dentist because I recently had braces and my orthodontist really left a lasting impression. Not to mention the fact that healthy teeth and gums are a vital part of personal wellness. I’ve always admired pretty teeth. After doing a little research of various colleges, I learned that Old Dominion has an outstanding Dental Program. I’ve been considering obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. My overall goal is