High School Cheerleading

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The Friday night lights, screaming fans, the excitement; cheering involves team leadership skills incorporated through every game. High school cheerleading incorporates the processes of planning and forming a successful team; forming, storming, norming and performing. These aspects of teaming are essential when establishing a balanced and successful team.
Cheerleading involves goals, objectives, and responsibilities. The goal of cheerleading is getting the crowds of individuals ecstatic for the game. Objectives are also defined as well. Through understanding stunts, dances, cheers and routines for pep rallies. These skills are needed in order to develop a uniformed team throughout the cheer season. These goals and objectives are intended to have a positive outcome. Thus resulting in an excited crowd and members of the team that contribute to the tasks at hand. Also cheerleading involves all team members to have responsibilities. When stunting, such roles include base, flyer, back spot and front spot. These roles
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A set plan is developed through each cheerleader understanding the goals for the activity. Practice agendas include practicing sideline cheers, stunting and dancing. These preparations are essential to conduct a routine for the scheduled pep rallies. These dates and times for activities involve a detailed calendar that is obtained on Twitter for all of the team members to understand each activity and purpose. When a conflict occurs, cheerleaders must think of the team as a whole. For example, when a team member falls out of a stunt. This experience occurs often, however is usually unorganized. I have experienced this aspect of cheerleading many times. The team feels very angry and frustrated with the team as a whole and an individual on the team. This stage in team communication is storming due to the set agenda of team activities and inevitable