History: High School and Student Council Essay

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fI really want to be an RA because I think I have the qualities that an RA needs.
First, I know how to be a leader. While I was in high school, I was the president of student council for two years. When I was the president, school told us to plan a fundraiser to raise money for students who live in countryside and had no money to pay their tuition and books. After collecting ideas from everybody, we decided to organize different games for students and their family, since the fundraiser is on “family day” which means all the parents and students will have spend a whole day together. Each game charged from two dollars to five dollars. We raised twenty thousand dollars at the end of the day.
Also, I totally understand how students feel when they first left home since I am an international student. I cannot say study in CMU and being away from my family is harder for me; however, I do understand how students feel when they first away from their homes. I think I went through the same thing that they are going to deal with at the beginning of the school year. Since I used to be the president of student council, I was the one who always communicated with everyone. In my junior year, our class did a “Snack Revolution” for our high school. We did surveys to see how many students wanted to change the school snacks; I communicated with the all the homeroom teachers and set up times with each class to do the survey. When we finally finished all the research papers and came up with…