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Christianity is a evolved into a very wide spread broad religion. It is actually one of the few religions that its followers have sub-groups that believe slightly differing doctrines. With Christianity being such a broad subject there are ten main points to Christianity. First we will start out with god he is the core and the foundation to this entire religion. God is an all seeing all knowing and always existed god. In Christianity there is just one true god that is supreme ruler the creator of the universe. The tool God has used mostly to spread this religion is the bible. However in the early stages of Christianity the on a mountain called Mount Calvary. This is where he died for every human sins to give them a clean slate and the opportunity to follow God his Father. Next this is where is seems to get a little bit tricky for most people on the outside of this faith looking in. God and Jesus Christ and the holy spirit are not the same being. All three of these make up a God Head if you will. There is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. If you notice in the bible in certain scriptures when he is speaking he will refer to himself as a plural or more than one person. The Bible says in the Beginning God made the heaven and the earth and the Bible says God said, “Let us [plural] make man in Our [plural] image.” And one more example Later in Genesis chapter 11 speaking of the Tower of Babel, God came down and said, “Let Us go down and confound the man’s language.” And then earlier God says “Man has become like Us to know good and evil.” He [man] was driven from the Garden of Eden so God refers to Himself as plural. This brings us to the bible the bible is the book that the Christian’s use to study there faith. The bible is a book believed to be inspired by god even to be words directly from his mouth. Arguably Man is one of the largest parts of Christianity if you ask me. Because can there really be a religion and following of god if it were not for the humans. Man was made in a image or likeness to god. But he allowed us to have free will and make our own choices. As soon as Adam and eve were caught eating of the tree of life they were cast out of the garden of Eden this is was known as the fall of man. Where man was able to to see the good and the bad available in his world god had created. Next is Salvation this is where Jesus Christ really comes in to save the world in all meanings of that sentence Jesus is sent from heaven to live on the earth for thirty three years where he is then crucified on the cross for all the sins of man kind past and to come. Another large part of Christianity is the belief that God can actually sit down and listen to what you have to say word for word any time you would like from him to hear it. Since God is omnipotent he is all seeing all knowing and also all places all at the same time he always was and always will be there. So if you would like to beam a little message up to him anytime during your day this would be called a prayer. Where the believer sits down and actually talks to God. Though there is still one part of Christianity that is widely debated and that is how the world is going to end exactly. There are some that believe it will end with just a white throne judgment where man will be judged if he is worthy to enter heaven or shall be cast into a lake of fire. While the other majority believes there will be a seven year tribulation where God comes down takes up all his believers and all the dead bodies of the ones already and heaven and the seven year tribulation will begin. Then after those seven years the 1000 year millennial rain of god where we will all come back to earth and live for 1000 years. Christianity is a religion of monogamy you are only supposed to have one spouse all of your life that is very highly valued to god. Overall in the ages of Christianity they