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German and Britain foreign policy
Abolish Treaty of Versailles
Reunite Germany e.g. Sudetenland, Polish Corridor – Greater Germany
Destroy communism
Lebensraum – German empire
Enforce Master Race Theory – take over Slavs, get rid of Jews etc.
Saar plebiscite (1935) – after 15 years of League ruling, went to Germany – expected outcome.
Conscription (1935) – had already started rearmament, exploited guilt surrounding T of V and broken promise of global disarmament. Stresa Front (GB, France, Italy) – Failed.Rhineland (1936) – Army marched into Rhineland, used same excuses as above, France having general election so didn’t want conflict, GB sympathetic and wouldn’t support anyway, world distracted by Abyssinian Crisis.
Anschluss (1938) – previous attempt at coup in 1934 failed. Hitler bullied chancellor Schuschnigg accept a Nazi person into government, so he called plebiscite to see if Austria wanted Anschluss. Hitler feared no-vote, assembled army at border, forced Schuschnigg to resign in favour of Nazi Seyss-Inquart who proceeded to invite German army in. Organised own plebiscite – 99% voted YES for union.
Munich Agreement (1938) – Hitler made Czech Nazi party stir trouble in Sudetenland. Claimed Sudeten Germans were being oppressed by Czechs. Threatened war if solution not found. Chamberlain flew to see Hitler and they agreed that Germany could have half of Sudetenland and hold a plebiscite there. Week later, Hitler changed his mind – wanted all of it. Britain, France, Italy and Germany meet in Munich and decide to give it all to him. Tell Czechs they won’t support any resistance. Chamberlain gets Hitler to sign “Piece of paper” promising peaceful negotiations. Praised as hero who prevented war.Czechoslovakia (March 1939) – Hitler invades Czechoslovakia with no excuse, uses brute force and takes it over. Appeasement ends.
Nazi-soviet pact (Aug 1939) – USSR and Germany shock everyone by signing non-aggression pact. Secretly agree to carve up Poland between them.
Poland – 1st September Hitler invades, 3rd September Britain declares war on Germany.
Protest against war
Bought time to prepare for war.Democracy –