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Careers in Health information Technology
July 27, 2012

Majoring in Health Information Technology is a wise choice. The field of Health Information is constantly growing and changing. New career options and certifications are always arising to meet the demands of this profession. Since I have begun my education, I have seen rapid changes, which are often difficult to keep up with. I recently noticed several new certifications by AHIMA, one for clinical documentation improvement, another for privacy and security. I have also discovered that AHIMA is not the only entity for information resources and continuing education. One thing I have learned in my internship is that I will need to be responsible for my own continuing education, above and beyond of the required hours mandated by AHIMA. Also, when I choose my specialty, I will need to learn all I can without the comforts of a classroom. Within this paper, I am going to explore eployers and employees in the Health Information field.
Various HIT employers include: * Hospitals * Rehabilitation Facilities * Mental Health/Substance Abuse Facilities * Registries (Cancer, other disease specific) * Outsourcing Companies (transcription, ROI, coding, billing) * Medical Offices * Government Agencies (CMS- RAC) * Health Information Associations (AHIMA) * Veteran Hospital/Facilities * Outpatient Services
Possible careers in the Health Information Technology include, but are not limited to: * Registered Health Information Administrator * Registered Health Information Technician * Certified Health Data Analyst * Certification in Health Care Privacy and Security * Transcription * Registry Technician * Information Analyst * Recovery Audit Contractor * Information Auditor * Project Manager * Health Insurance Specialist * Clinical Data Analyist * Coding: Associate, Specialist, CCS-Physician * Department Manager/Supervisor * Administrative Director * Certified Document Improvement Practitioner * Clinical Practice Compliance * Privacy Compliance * Research Compliance * Release of Information * Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance * Risk Management * Financial
Utilization Review Case Manager- Kim VanCampen, RN
What has been your career path?
She began in the health field as a RN, BSN. She applied for an opening in the Utilization Review department and has moved up to manger. She has worked at Susquehanna Heath System for 23 years.
What are the educational requirements for?
This position remains one that is completely nursing staff. The level of clinical knowledge needed necessitates that. Certification in case management comes through either the Commission for Case Manager Certification or the American Nurses Association. Yearly you must show 20 hours in CEs.
How many years in health care has it taken to get where you are?
She began working at the Williamsport Hospital directly out of nursing school.
What types of certifications are available in your specialty?
There is certification in case management as mentioned above and also a utilization review nurse certification from the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, Inc. (ABQAURP).
Explain to me the basic functions of your job:
She audits medical records to ensure the clinical data supports the treatment a patient is receiving. She oversees and participates in the collection, aggregation, analysis, and reporting of various clinical data. The data is then used to support the efficient utilization of clinical resources and clinical improvement activities. The collection of this data will ensures appropriate reimbursement for medical services, and satisfies the requirements of CMS and The Joint Commission. It is also used to support clinical improvement activities such as the development, implementation, and monitoring of clinical guidelines. She said