Essay Hitler: Jews and Germany

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I have chosen to study on Hitler’s reign on the years of the 1933-39. Growing up and moving up on the educational system I hear and get many different views on Hitler and the appeasement that had to be flaunted at him. At the very start of education I heard that he was a horrific and terrible man who did everything top satisfy himself and wanted the world to be exactly how he wanted it to be, which we all know is impossible, but that did not stop him. Growing more higher in the educational system and learning politically about him. He seemed as a cunning, devious, malicious man but however very smart in his tactics as he actually managed to go far with his movements and to start off as just as solider who had just returned from the first world war who just seemed to have strong hatred for Jews and was looking for changing in Germany as he could see his country was falling apart. So he took it upon himself to start using the special gift he had within him to begin to make Germany a better place and that talent was just him speaking out to the people. Although many may not believe this to be his strongest point I most certainly do as that is what won the people over and not only that it entered him into the political system in Germany which at that time was run by Hindenburg which is also a very well known man in history. Germany was a country that was falling apart in the early nineties after they were told they had to pay for all the corruptions of the war under the treaty of Versailles, a document that the Germans had to sign saying that they were responsible for the war. This was another thing that brought anger to Hitler as he didn’t see why Germany was paying for every country that had