Adolf Hitler Essay

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Adolf hitler- 1889-1945
Dad – alois schickelgruber
Older – stepdad Alois hitler
Married – children- Remarries- 50’s klara
- 4 childern only two survive, adolf and paula
- Adolf –mom is affectionatle
- Braunau (dean german border)
- Dad is a costums officer’’
Adolf 3 yr old when he moved to germany
13yrs old dad dies
Adolf was a bad jib=in chcookI
Symbal nazi party- swastika
-heil hitler-
1921- hitler controls the nazi party
-berlin- away
-members of the party merge
-threatens to quit the party!!
-he declares himself to be the formal leader of the nazi party!
-dictator of the party
-$ pours on --- hitler buys up all the newspaper businesses
Spesking newspaper grows by the thousands—
USA GB/france germany- surrering depression
USA borrows money to germany
Germany boprrows money to GB then GB borrows money back to USA- like a circle
1923—attempt by the nazi party coup d’etat of the Weimar republic
Berlin—beer hall putsch
--hitler got hurt—
Germans defeated the Nazis
Arrest hitler for treason
Sentences for 5 years in prison but only serves 9 months and wrote a book called mien kemph (my struggle)
Mein kampf “my struggle”
-targets- #1 enemy is the jews, slavics, communists, democrats, internationalist
Jews- goal- lower the racial level of the highest ppl and to replace it with there own culture.
-refers to the jews as sub-human
-should be no intermarriage with jews
-cant stop this unless we eliminate (extermination)
-once exterminated then the superior race—aryans reproduce
Grow—run out of room over a 1000yr period
Living space (lebensraum)
Take control of russia
(Marxists communists & jews)
--hitlers popularity grew in prison—
Releases his book in 1924
German gov. read it ban it!!!
Ban nazi party ban hitler from public speaking
Northern germany friends give him money
1925-lift bans-
1927- volume 2 mein kempf released
How to gain polical power and keep it.
Get power constitutionally -campagin-
Demagogic oratory person who makes public appeals to the emotion and prejudices -by writeing/speeking
1928 elections- nazi partypicks up 12 seats 491
****1929- stock market crashes
World wide depression hit germany the hardest
This benifeted hitlers popularity
1930 election: 107 seats parliament
1932---- gets his own german citizenship
German constitution president chancellor must have 50 % to win
1. Paul von Hindenburg- 49.6%
2. Hitler- 30.1%
3. Thaelmann- 13.2%
4. Duesterberg- 6.8%
Run off election-1933
Hindenburg- 53% hitler- 36.8%
August 2 1934 hindenburg dies hitler becomes leader of germany
Hitlers right hand men
Herman goering- head of the Gestapo in charge of Luftwaffe
Josef Goebbels- head of propaganda