Holocaust Museum Essay

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Trip to Holocaust Museum

My trip to the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education center was not only emotional but also impacting. As I walked around the building looking at all the different artifacts and documents of the Holocaust, it felt as if I was transported back to 1944 during the time of the second World War. I could feel the sadness of the victims of this murderous time as I stepped into the rail car. With only eight people inside the car at the time, I could already feel tight and uncomfortable. Then I read in the information stand that 50 people would be thrown in there for travels that would take days at a time. When I went up to the second floor, I entered the Room of Remembrance. Usually when people think 6 million, it sounds like just a number. One can never really see how big that number truly is unless there is a type of representation show. The Room of Remembrance held 6 million names written along the walls of it. At the museum, there were many rooms that played videos of life before the German Nazis came to power as well as life during. The public believes that they are well informed of how it all happened just as I did but I stood corrected. I never knew that the persecution of the jewish population had begun before the war broke out. During the videos and presentations I learned that the jews were out in communities called “ghettos”. We were shown documents and photos of how men and women felt during that time as well as how living conditions looked.