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When referred back to Megenstu’s Essay of Home at Last there’s many crucial things to understand in his Essay that makes his Essay so appealing and interesting for us readers. Such as the Rhetorical Strategies. One of them being metaphors, he uses a great amount of metaphors followed by many other Rhetorical strategies that makes us feel alive and leaves us not wanting to keep our eyes off this particular essay. He also, uses these devices to go into his main message to the readers that in order for "Home" become it's meaning you need to adapt to it and explore it's beauty for not everything is perfect but in his case Kensington was the closest to perfect that he got.

One of the metaphors the author uses in this essay is “ until they spilled out the street”. This metaphor describes the street as emptying as the night gets older. Here is the scene when Megenstu feels a sense of isolation but a very different isolation. He respects the variety of talks that happen throughout the day even though he don't quite understand them. In a way he has found a way to appreciate them because those chances that were given to people like him had a way of allowing them to rebuild and remake themselves in just a little corner that Kensington allows them to all come together.

Other devices he seems to use in this well written out essay is Antanagoge. He uses this rhetorical device by saying in the essay "Kensington, a distinctly regal name at a price that i could afford' it was perfect , in other words, for an eager and poor writer with inflated ambitions and no sense of where he belonged". He gives a compliment to Kensington then criticizes it in a way basically saying that it was