Homework 1 Essay

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Jyllian Gutierrez
Victoria L. Curran
Communications 120
Aug. 27, 2012
Homework #1
My two most significant strengths in interpersonal communication would be dealing with criticism in a positive way and my non-verbal expressions such as verbal and eye expression. I deal with criticism in a positive way be haring what others have to say and either trying to learn from it or if I don’t like it I just simply ignore it. People have told me that I can be very easy to read because of my eye expressions or certain facial expressions I make. I never really knew that I would use a lot of facial expressions until someone brought it up and I realized that I do and people find it easy to understand them and know what I’m trying to say. One of my weaknesses is communicating with someone when it comes to emotional problems. I find it hard to talk to someone when it comes to my feelings. The most trouble that I have when it comes to my relationships would be communicating. I need to improve this because if I don’t communicate things wont go the way I plan or want them to go. Its important to communicate with someone that way you can learn more about someone or something. Without communication you won’t get too far in life, communicating is part of our habitat and honestly without it we can’t survive.
One goal that I have is to improve my social communication skills. I can be outgoing at times, but when it comes to new people I tend to be shy. I find it harder to talk to new people than to talk to people you’ve known practically your whole life or childhood. It’s harder for me because I ‘m always thinking to myself what if they don’t like me or what their first impression of me will be. But once I feel comfortable enough I have the courage to talk to just about anyone, all it takes is time.
Another goal that I need improvement on is practical needs. Most of the time I don’t tell people what I want and when I want it. I end up regretting it every time. I need to improve on my listening skills as well I always end up tuning out or getting distracted very easily. And since I’m not listening when someone’s talking to me they end up getting mad. Listening is probably one of the most important things when it comes to communication. You need to listen to others in order to communicate with them and help them out if they want your opinion or advice.
Another goal I have is to talk communicate with others when it comes to the way I