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Homework 1B
Weizhi yang

Perform the ANALYSIS for United Chemical Company and answer the questions (page 67).

1. What are the key problems with this portion of the performance review?
When faced with our own performance evaluations or those of our subordinates, it is often difficult to separate the people from the issues. The objective of this case analysis and the practice exercise that follows it is to give you the opportunity to examine how the principles of supportive communication and reflective listening that you learned about earlier in this module can be applied to a performance review situation that is “neutral” for you so that you can gain a more in-depth understanding of how these techniques can be used in mentoring and developing employees.

2. How would you use the knowledge and skills you have acquired thus far in this module to redesign the meeting between Max and Sue?
Max need to tell Su that she needs to trust her teammate in design group, and all the work should to be discussed together instead of just telling them her own ideas. Meanwhile, Max should ask her that is there anyone she trusts in the group. If someone she trusts in the group, Max need to talk to this person, and get more information for this issue. If no one there in the group likes Su, Max need to think about how to replace Su into other group or position.

3. What concerns, if any, do you have with Max’s conversation with Jack? What might Max have done differently?
Su is a qualified…