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How to use the Math Essentials Textbook (rev 1/13)

Begin reading on the first page of your unit. As you read through the material in the text, look over the Examples as you come to them, and do the PRACTICE exercises on paper (PRACTICE exercises are located beside the Examples, in the margin of the page).
Do them neatly in your notebook, and show your work.

The correct answers to the PRACTICE exercises are located at the bottom of the page, in the margin. After completing the PRACTICE exercises, check your answers. If you do not understand any of the PRACTICE exercises, you may need to review the section you just read, or ask your instructor for help.

After successfully completing and understanding the PRACTICE exercises, continue reading the text following the Examples and corresponding PRACTICE exercises you just completed. Continue until you come to the next Example(s). As before, look over the Example(s), and do the corresponding PRACTICE exercises in the margin beside the Example(s). Again, check your answers.

Continue in this manner until you get to the Vocabulary and Readiness Check, followed by the EXERCISE SET at the end of the section. You should do the Vocabulary and Readiness Check problems, but you are not required to do the EXERCISE SET problems. Instead, go to MyMathLab and do the homework (HW) assignment for that section.

Although it is not required, if you would like the additional practice, you may do the odd numbered problems from the EXERCISE SET in the textbook (the answers are in the back of the book). If you