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Being a mature student does not mean being an old-timer. Maturity is not measured by the number of years a person has lived. Instead, the yardstick of maturity is marked by the qualities of self-denial, determination, and dependability. It proves that the student is able to take control and make decisions that are best for him regardless of whatever situation he is in.
Self-denial is an important quality in the mature student. Self-denial shows as self-control.
Self-denial means that as an adult you should understand what you should do and what you should not. For example, say we should study extremely hard in college and never waste the precious time. And as a citizen of the social community you should always behave yourself and do nothing evil. On the other hand, more often we may be absorbed in the computer games, and your ration should alarm you that you are wasting your time and what you need a stop. As long as one learns to use his self-denial he can reach his goals easily.

Self-control is important for students because the students who have self-control are students who know how to organize their time. They make a schedule for what they are going to do in a week or a month or even a whole year. In another word, college student needs to organize their time to do study, home work, shopping, and work, for example. In addition, the students who have self-control are also the students who can control themselves, take their responsibility more seriously. For example, the students have assignment to finish and its due on Monday but on Sunday, their friend came along and asks him or her to go to movie with them. On the satiation, the students who have self-control will say no or try to finish before going. The students, who can organize their time, social life, take control of themselves is also proving more mature they are.
Determination is another characteristic of mature student because it is important for a student to have an aim and target when doing something and never give up. Determination also shows the passion of the student to pursuit a goal in their lives.
During our whole life, there are countless situations that need us to make a decision. The reactions we make towards these situations can reflect whether we are mature or not. When a mature person faces a challengeable difficulty, he can calm down in a very short period of time and make a proper determination. Upon he makes a determination, he will stick to it and never abandon it. Like our college students, when facing what to do after we graduate from college, different people have different answers. Some may feel confused and muddle along. But a mature student knows exactly what he wants to do and has a clear plan in his mind. Also he keeps struggling to realize his goal. So determination is an indispensable quality of mature person. For example, determination is the student having homework or important project to finish at school but their family plant to go on a family vacation; however, he or she will stay home to finish that project. Furthermore, determination is student who never give up on anything and try and try to achieve their goal.

Determination requires that once you set up an aim you should be determined and follow your dream just as the stream fall…