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Different countries have different culture and every country has their own specific point to attract people from all over the world.

For example, in China the Great Wall is very famous in the world. Most of people from another country would like come to China and go to the Great Wall to feel the grand building. It was a very useful building in war period in the past. Because of soldiers could hide behind the wall and attract enemies.

Besides, there are many famous sport players in China such as Lin Dan who is the champion in many badminton championships. All people in China are proud of his not only his great level in the world but also attitude in life and work. He wants to all things such as perfectionism. And the table tennis in China is also having a high level in the world.

On the other hand, there are some issues in our country. In my view, the most important problem is there are many people in China maybe 1.3 billion that is why individual in China had a huge pressure from finding a good job and the price of manpower is cheaper than Australia. So any huge things before distribute to everybody is just a little bit.

In addition, the environment pollution is very serious. Such as the bad air quality in Beijing, it makes person feel headache and sore throat when go outside in fog haze day. So the government should encourage individuals take the public transport for working or travel. But the air pollution is not only can be changed by individuals but also need