Essay on Hope: Brain and Brain Development

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Science has shown that children who have a troubled upbringing tend to have negative side effects with their brain development. The human brain is one of the most important muscles in the human body, and in children the brain is sensitive to all outside influences. It is reported that infants who’s households argued more than most were put through a test while sleeping and simple sentences that were said in angry voices caused increased “clustered activity in parts of the brain responsible for stress and regulating emotions”(Chant). Children’s brains are constantly learning and absorbing information and that includes what is said around children even though it is not directed towards them. Scientist Alice Graham has noted in her studies that we should understand the environment around children directly influences the development in young children’s brains. Not only does fighting influence children but the lack of love and attention also negatively alters brain development. Although neglect does not cause “full-blown psychiatric disorders” it does impose abnormal brain activity such as impulsive behavior and risk taking, both of which are not permanent and can be treated. Researchers believe that if studied more and in-depth the effects on child brain development can help social workers better assist children who have issues form a troubled past and alter their future for the better. In my opinion this Article covers useful information but does not go into depth about…