House Interpersonal Communication Analysis

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I decided to write my paper on a TV series called House, M.D.. It is about a brilliant doctor and his team of three young doctors solving insane medical cases. This team of four saves lives on a daily basis, but working with house is not the easiest. He is stubborn, rude, and has no moral control. They all deal with him because he is the genius behind solving all of these mysterious cases.

Throughout the episodes you see reoccurring interpersonal communication concepts. The first one I noticed is that Dr. House uses impersonal communication more often than interpersonal communication. He treats his colleagues more like his personal assistants than them being on a problem-solving team. Constantly bossing them around and making them do all
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He doesn't have good listening styles and has many listening barriers. House is a very critical listener and only listens to the things that will help him, he also constantly second guesses his patients and think they are lying causing him to be a judgmental, ambush listener. He also has a habit of selective listening. He only hears the things he is looking for and wants to hear, when a patient says they are in pain because of a rash he only tends to the rash and has no regard for their pain. House is also very assertive and sometimes aggressive with his patients to search for the answer, causing patients to not trust …show more content…
Dr. Cuddy is the administrator for the hospital, House and Cuddy get into multiple times a day. House will come screaming into her office demanding things and not considering all the out comes, this barrier is called conversational narcissism. House only has a focus on his personal agenda rather than on the needs and ideas of others. His language is usually in an "allness" tone and makes unqualified assumptions. He is too self-absorbed to do his job without hurting someone's feelings or causing some sort of damage but maybe in a way that’s what makes him a good